Accelerating Equitable Achievement of the MDGs: Closing Gap in Health and Nutrition Outcomes

This report underlines the extent of disparities across the region, looking especially at the wide gaps in the goals related to health and nutrition where the region is particularly under-performing. Even countires that have been making rapid economic progress still lose shocking numbers of children before their fifth birthday as well as thousands of mothers who did unnecessarily, as a consequence of the nautral process of childbirth. The report also reveals many opportunities for improving health outcomes - highlighting the policies and programmes which, when backed by commitment and adequate resources, could help make the Asia-Pacific region a driving forece behind the global achievement of all the MDGs.
The report has emerged from wide consultation, not just within and between the three partner organizations, but also many other UN agencies, particularly UNAIDS, UNICEF, UNFPA and WHO.

Unit: Poverty Reduction and Achievement of MDGs
Year: 2012
Category: Research and Policy Series
Printed version available? Yes
File: MDG-Report2011-12.pdf

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