Asia Pacific Human Development Report
Tackling Corruption, Transforming Lives – Accelerating Human Development in Asia and the Pacific


Human corruption is increasingly being characterized as unacceptable across Asia and the Pacific: widespread malfeasance subverts medical care, education and public spheres of life. This is the very time to capture the moment, to unite pressure from above, in government as well as private sector, with the voice of people from below. Huge political and economic donations can cumulate from empowering countries to fight corruption. Depriving this problem will let people across the region, especially the poor, keep lives they value and achieve their fullest potential. This Report displays how everyone eventually have lost the valuable things with corruption – focusing on why it hurts the poor the most and what can be done. It also highlights the successes so far, as well as offers ongoing solutions, and in so doing, aims to guarantee that history does not become the region’s destiny.