Sex Work and the Law in Asia and the Pacific is devoted to endure an evidence-base for the following instutions and departments:

  • policy makers working in government, regional and multilateral organizations;
  • parliamentarians;
  • participants of the judiciary;
  • civil society organizations;
  • donor agencies;
  • sex workers.

These facilities are taken part in advocacy to enhance the legal and policy providing environment for HIV responses. The trial unites 48 countries of the Asia-Pacific region emphasizing low and middle-income countries.

The key points described are:

  • Criminalization of sex work;
  • Punitive law enforcement practices;
  • Confiscation of condoms;
  • Criminalization of clients;
  • Licensing or registration;
  • Mandatory, compulsory or coerced testing;
  • Lack of labour rights and social security rights;
  • Denial of identity documents and citizenship rights;
  • Compulsory detention centres;
  • Anti-trafficking laws, policies and practices;
  • 100% Condom Use Programmes (CUPs).